Casilla 1099, Osorno, X Region de Los Lagos, Chile

Personal Volunteer Placements in Chile

Testimonials from former volunteers

Jake, 21 years old, teacher in rural school, 2006

"SamConnects was great. Although I didn't need much support, it was very nice to know it was there. Had I had a problem with my work or my family, it was nice to know that you were involved enough to step in."

Claire, 20 years old, worked as daycare assistant, 2015

"My Spanish improved a lot, I was definitely in an immersion experience so it was fantastic ... I [lived with] someone close to my age so I was always invited to go out. I found I could really connect with people, even in a different language."

Will, 20 years old, supported English teaching

"At my placement, I was very well-treated and things were well organized ... I feel I was pretty useful overall. I was very comfortable at my homestay and the food was delicious."

Diego, 26 years old, assisted park ranger

Diego did such a great job, he was hired by his placement site and worked in Chile for 2 years!