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Personal Volunteer Placements in Chile

Spanish language immersion

Spanish Language Immersion on the Job

We can arrange intensive Spanish language classes - a great way to jump-start your time in Chile.

Once you're on the job, SamConnects placements are an excellent way to turn your high-school Spanish into a functional, useful second language. All our volunteer placements put you in daily immersion with native Spanish speakers. (Many speak enough English to get you going!)

Specialists in Southern Chile and Environmental Work

We have 15 years' experience in beautiful southern Chile, where the landscape is defined by lakes, volcanos, forests and fields. This part of the world is definitely worth saving! We specialize in placements in environmental preservation and education. This gives you unique access to Chile's wonderful nature and a chance to help preserve it.

Personal Placements that Connect You to Chile

We arrange every one of our placements individually, ensuring the best possible fit for your interests and needs. Our volunteers work side-by-side with Chileans, directly helping them in their work. You won't be touring about with a group of fellow foreigners!

what would you like to do?

Work in Environmental Education

We have a number of unique placements in environmental education. Teach (and learn) about Chilean birds, forests and even volcanos!

Assist a park ranger

We work with a number of private nature reserves dedicated to conservation and sustainable tourist practices. If you love the outdoors and want first-hand experience immersed in Chile's beautiful environment, this is the placement for you.

Work at a food cooperative

Located in a beautiful southern city, this small business seeks to link local farmers and consumers in a model for sustainable living. Volunteers find the store a friendly and educational place to work.

Help at a Children's Home

Our volunteers are welcome at carefully selected homes for children who are wards of the state. Ideal for someone who loves kids, this placement doesn't require advanced Spanish and is a great way to improve your language skills. 

Support English teaching in a school

Helping with English language teaching in a school is a great way to have fun and make a measurable difference. Chilean students love having a foreigner in their midst and teachers welcome the creative contributions of a native English speaker.

Design your own placement!

Maybe you're a musician, or a carpenter - love knitting or want to explore a possible career or study path, such as veterinary medicine or becoming a yoga teacher. We can explore a custom volunteer placement to meet your special interest.

Why choose SamConnects

15 years placing volunteers one at a time

Unlike many volunteer programs, we arrange individual placements, not group tours. If you're ready for an experience away from other foreigners, ready to really experience Chilean culture - we may be right for you.

Uniquely placed in southern Chile

We are based in southern Chile, within easy reach of major cities, small towns and also national parks, nature reserves and tiny rural villages. This is why we can offer really special placements.

Free consultation and low-cost placements

If you're interested in exploring what SamConnects could do for you, please get in touch! We can schedule a free Skype consultation to see if we're right for you. 

We are a low-cost consulting service dedicated to providing unforgettable life-changing experiences.

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