Workshops for Adults
Available Not Dec. - March
Min. stay Three months
Spanish required Intermediate
Commitment Full-time
Housing Homestay

Assist in running workshops for 18 Chilean adults with learning disabilities. Their mental age ranges from about 5 years old to about 13 years old. The main focus of the school is to create meaningful relationships with and among the clients, and to improve their quality of life. The school emphasizes the arts and creative dance, as well as physical therapy. It does not aim to rehabilitate, though some productive crafts are made for sale.

As a volunteer, your job is accompany the clients, giving individual attention and helping out when needed, in workshops that involve singing, arts, dance, sports, cooking, etc.

This is an ideal position if you are interested in improving your Spanish, in art therapy or elementary education. Though challenging at times, the work is rewarding as you explore and challenge common social assumptions about what we value in our fellow human beings.

SamConnects,, phone (56) 64 23 22 30, cell phone (56) 9 04 03 564