Teaching English
Available Not Dec. - March
Min. stay Three months
Spanish required Intermediate
Commitment Part- or Full-time
Housing Homestay

For individual volunteer placements, we welcome qualified English teachers as well as English speakers without a professional degree. We have arrangements with schools in both urban and rural areas.

Your responsibilities in the classroom will depend upon your level of experience. In all cases, however, your role is to support the English teacher in residence, conducting conversation workshops, tutoring individual students or small groups, and stimulating the students’ interest. This is an excellent placement for someone who is interested in teaching as a career, or someone who enjoys working with children and is creative in their approach to bolstering English language expression.

For our three-month internship in Enhancing Rural Education, South America Connections has teamed up with a rural municipality in Chile’s beautiful Lake District to offer a unique small group internship in enhancing rural education. We are now accepting applications for this three-month program, which begins in April 2008 and has space for a limited number of volunteers.

The program offers several advantages: (1) A great Chilean team to work with; (2) Location in one of the most spectacular regions of the world. Chile’s Lake District is renowned for its beauty; (3) The opportunity to combine theoretical policy with practice in the field.
Of the 17,000 people who live in the municipality of Los Muermos, 10,000 live outside the little town itself, spread out among a large territory which stretches from the foothills of the Andes, across to the Pacific Ocean. There are 33 rural primary schools, some of which have fewer than a dozen students! Up to seven volunteers will be accepted to support teaching in some of these schools, and to work directly with the local government to develop educational programs and workshops that will have a lasting impact. Your impact will extend well beyond the classroom, as you have the opportunity to become a valued member of the community, participating in all aspects of school life, sports, workshops, etc.

These internships offer several unique advantages: (1) A great Chilean team to work with. Our program supervisor, Carolina Crisostomo, runs the local government’s Community Development office and is fluent in English. At 29 years old, Carolina is part of an energetic and youthful government team committed to improving living standards in the area. Three Chilean volunteers in their 20s are also working full-time, year-round, to help, as part of a national social service effort. As a SAC volunteer, you will become of this dynamic, Chilean-led group. (2) Location in one of the most spectacular regions of the world. Chile’s Lake District is renowned for its beauty. The area is studded with volcanoes, some still active, which tower over pristine lakes and fjords, and is home to several national parks. You are free to explore this wonderful wilderness on your time off. At the same time, Los Muermos is about one hour by bus from Puerto Montt, a major port city where you can find a mall, cinemas, and get your urban fix should you need it. (3) The opportunity to combine policy with practice. For anyone interested in a teaching career, this program is ideal.

I had hoped to improve most my speaking Spanish and believe I accomplished that goal, as by the end speaking became easier and my thoughts more fluid. I would have liked to stay longer…”

                                  Elizabeth McMorris, 18 years old. English teacher,
                                                               volunteer at Girls’ Home, 2005

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