Monkey Sanctuary
Available Year-round
Min. stay 1 month (2 recommended)
Spanish required None
Commitment Full-time
Housing R&B included
Other $950 /month to sanctuary with reduced SamConnects fee


Assist at South America’s largest private sanctuary for rescued monkeys. This is a unique and powerful opportunity for a volunteer with interest or experience in Veterinary or Primate studies. Founded in 1994 with just one monkey, today the Center houses about 150 in two separate locations, including howler monkeys, spider monkeys, white fronted capuchin, mustached tamarind and squirrel monkeys.

The Center was set up in order to provide a humane and more natural lifestyle for monkeys that were brought illegally into Chile and kept as pets, in zoos, or circuses. The monkeys move freely within interconnected cages. This is not a ‘hands-off’ facility but the monkeys are handled only by experienced personnel. In addition to caring directly for the monkeys, the Center works to educate schools, local authorities, veterinary students and the public in general.

The Center charges US$950 per month which includes the cost of airport pickup and dropoff, your Room & Board (three great meals a day!), plus a donation to support its work. The SamConnects fee is reduced to $500 for volunteers in this placement.

Contact SamConnects: info@samconnects.com, phone (56) 64 23 22 30, mobile (56) 99 04 03 564