South America Connections volunteers work in three main fields: Social Service; Outdoors/Wildlife; and Education. For beginning speakers, we also offer discounted Spanish language classes through respected institutes in Santiago, Vina del Mar and Osorno. Drawing on our extensive network of local contacts, SamConnects also arranges custom placements in a wide variety of fields, from art and music to horse-back riding. Recently, for example, we arranged an internship in veterinary medicine for a college graduate, prior to her successful application to graduate school.

We arrange individual placements for volunteers 18 years or older. Some placements run for as little as one month, though most placements are for at least three months - the minimum we believe necessary for a volunteer to truly integrate into their placement community.
We meet regularly with our volunteers during their placement, to get and give them feedback on their work, tweaking as necessary to ensure an optimum experience both for the volunteer and the people they have come to help.

Individual volunteers typically live with a Chilean family (homestay), and we make every effort to place you in a family with children of high school or university age, to provide a social network outsite of your volunteer site. Sometimes we can offer an alternative to the homestay in the form of a small group living situation with Chilean university students. Of course, you can also choose to live more independently, renting a room or even an apartment of your own, and we can help with that too.

You can combine language study and many volunteer placements with classes in areas such such as yoga, cooking, art or music!

In the area of social service, South America Connections works primarily with infants, children and teenagers in situations of need due to family poverty or neglect and abuse. Our volunteers are welcome assistants in community day care centers and in homes for children who are wards of the state. A key advantage to working with SamConnects is that we have carefully selected our partner institutions based on the kind of atmosphere they create for their children and their ability to make best use of our volunteers’ talents.
The work itself is as varied as you would expect with childcare, and there is always room for a volunteer with special interest in the arts, music, theater, sports or just about anything you can think of to help entertain and stimulate the children. You can work part-time or full-time.
In the area of social service, we also offer the opportunity to help adults in different situations of need. We work with a national charity that helps the homeless, and with a small private workshop for mentally handicapped adults.
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South America Connections offers five volunteer placements where you can work with animals or out in nature.
Most of our Outdoor and Wildlife placements take place in the Chilean spring and summer months – September through March.
You can help to care for rescued monkeys (year-round). In the middle of the northern winter, you can work with Chilean volunteers, mostly college students, on a variety of short-term projects in environmental protection - or be a camp counselor at a summer camp – a great way to brush up your spanish while having a lot of fun! We also place volunteers in organic farm work (year-round, though our winter months (June & July are cold and rainy!).
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In the area of education, SAC works with selected rural and urban schools that welcome support in English language teaching. This is an area which the Chilean government has made a national priority: although English is part of the mandatory national curriculum, the reality is that most students cannot speak or understand it much at all.
The rural school system in Chile is by far the poorest and the least developed. The school communities are small, and a foreign volunteer is an exciting addition to daily life! So while English teaching will be the core of your work, you will quickly find yourself involved in all aspects of community life.
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Spanish Language and other Classes
If you are a beginning Spanish speaker, you will advance most quickly if you start with intensive classroom study. Through agreements with respected institute in Santiago, Vina del Mar and Osorno, we offer discounted rates for Spanish language study. You can combine this with a class in another area, such as yoga, cooking, or art, giving yourself another setting to expand your vocabulary and improve your comprehension.
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