Environmental Projects
Available Jan & Feb.
Min. stay Two weeks
Spanish required Intermed.
Commitment Full-time
Housing Included


In conjunction with a national environmental NGO, SAC offers the chance to work on short-term environmental projects during the Chilean summer months of January and February.

The work varies from year to year but it is always in teams of about a dozen Chilean volunteers, mainly university students, and consists of short-term (10 days to two weeks) projects. SamConnects sends volunteers to work on a series of such projects back-to-back, giving you the opportunity to see different parts of the country and to complete a 6-week to 2-month stay.

Past projects have included, for example, monitoring the population of native Chilean species, restoring the banks of a river, carpentry and painting at a Research Center, repairing paths in national park, etc. Lodging is usually in a tent (provided), and volunteers pay only a minimal sum for their transportation and food costs.


Contact SamConnects: info@samconnects.com, phone (56) 64 23 22 30, mobile (56) 99 04 03 564