Home for Children
Available Year-round
Min. stay Three months
Spanish required Basic
Commitment Full or part-time
Housing Homestay

Volunteer at a home for abused and/or abandoned children who have been remanded to care by the courts. The work is greatly varied; flexibility and willingness to pitch in are key. Depending upon the home, responsibilities may include tutoring in English and helping the children with other homework, driving them to and from school in a stick-shift van, supervising them during sports and other activities, organizing workshops to entertain & educate them, accompanying them to doctor’s visits, helping to feed and clothe younger children, etc. You may also accompany the children on outdoor excursions (parks, museums, swimming, hiking).

Different homes welcome our volunteers. Some work with babies, some only with girls, and some with boys and girls. The children generally are very loving and welcome attention and companionship. But because they come from troubled or abusive backgrounds, they can be challenging and difficult. Confronting and managing these moments is a profound learning experience for the volunteer, as you learn to balance your roles as a friend and an authority figure.

I would absolutely recommend this placement!! The girls are lovely, if a bit difficult at times, and working with them is really rewarding. I helped cook lunch, clean, take out the trash. I learned to bake bread. I painted several of the girls’ rooms and doors, and the bathroom. I also sent out an appeal to my family, who responded magnificently by sending boxes and boxes of crafts and projects to do with the girls.”
                                                Lea Broh, volunteer at Girls’ Home, 2004


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