Getting started is easy!

Just send us an email ( with some basic information: your age, for what months you're interested in coming to Chile, your area(s) of interest and any other activities that you'd enjoy doing here. We'll get back to you right away to let you know what we can offer.

Step 2: Telephone conference

The telephone conference is an opportunity to discuss your interests and candidacy and get all your questions answered. We usually do this more than once, and during the weeks or months that you weigh your volunteer placement options, we are always available to speak by phone or over Skype to help you decide if what we offer is right for you.

Step 3:
SamConnects' proposal

Based on our emails and telephone conversations, we send you a written sample proposal for your placement, outlining the type of living arrangements we can make and what you can expect during a typical workday at your chosen placement.

Step 4: Registration
In order for SamConnects formally to confirm your placement and housing, we ask for a $150 registration fee. This fee is deducted from the total SamConnects fee and is fully refundable should we not be able to confirm your placement in a timely fashion. Once you are registered, you gain access to the Members Area, with loads of information about Chile, visas, flights, communications, what to bring, etc.

Step 5: Confirmation
Confirmation of your placement follows payment of the balance of the SAC fee: $600 for one placement, $700 for two or more, regardless of how long your placements last.



“My placement definitely kept me busy and I felt useful most ofthe time.
I enjoyed the work with the kids, but it requires lots of patience. I was extremely well treated, the best of my whole trip and of all my travels. The placement was well organized.”

        Russell Guilefoile,
                20 years old,
                  volunteer at
  Day-Care Center, 2004
Contact SamConnects:, phones +56 99 040 3564 or +56 64 232 230 (for msg.)