The average monthly cost of a 3-month SamConnects placement is just US$530! This includes our one-time consulting fee and continuous in-country support, plus Room & Board. We are able to keep our costs relatively low because we are a small organization with low over-head, and because we seek out placements where a volunteer's time and input is truly welcomed.

Specifically, the costs for participating in a SamConnects placement are:
      the SAC fee: $600 for a single placement, $750 for two or more
          placements. For social service placements, SAC donates 10% of your fee
          to the host organization.
      any additional fee payable to the organization receiving you. This additional           fee is stated in each program description. Most placements do not involve           an additional fee.
      your housing & food costs, when Room & Board is not provided by your
          host organization. These costs depend upon the location of your
          placement and are specified before you commit to a program.
      your travel costs to & from Chile.
      any additional expenses you incur while in country.

Custom placements are also available: you tell us what you want to do and we find the placement for you. There is a one-time US$100 charge for this custom search service, additional to the regular SAC placement fee.

Prior to payment of the fee, you are given access to the SAC database and limited counseling to match your specific interests and abilities with the most appropriate placement(s). Placements are not finalized or confirmed until the fee has been paid.

The complete services provided in exchange for payment of the fee are:
      translation of resume into Spanish & all communication with program(s) of           interest until placement is secured;
      arranging of placement(s) and host families or other accomodations as
      access to the password-protected section of SAC’s website, providing
          information about Chile, visa & other relevant regulations, health & safety
          precautions, options for tourism & leisure time;
      answering any other questions or concerns you or your parents may have
          prior to or following your departure;
      arranging for transportation to and from the destination airport (client pays
          taxi fare where applicable);
      permanent in-country support once on-site, for the duration of your stay, including regular meetings with the volunteer and with the host organization(s), to ensure an optimum experience;
      every effort to relocate you to another placement if you are dissatisfied with
          your placement once you are on site and you have made your best effort
          to work things out.

The fee is non-refundable. The sole exception is if through no fault of your own, your placement should fall through after you have paid and SAC is unable to arrange another placement that meets your approval. In that case, a full refund is provided.


“I felt very prepared for my placements, and the things I was told or warned about seemed to be very helpful things to hear. The placement description was certainly in line with what I encountered. [My] housing was comfortable and very convenient, and the food was wonderful”

        Deirdre Tomlinson,
                19 years old,
                  volunteer at
        Girls’ Home, 2006
Contact SamConnects:, phone (56) 64 23 22 30, mobile (56) 99 04 03 564