Our mission is to provide an affordable intercultural exchange for you in Chile that creates a terrific experience for you as a volunteer, and benefits the people that you come to help. We are a small organization based in southern Chile, dedicated to working with individuals who want to make a difference – in their own lives and in the lives of those with whom they connect. Run by a North American with assistance from a Chilean, SamConnects has ten years’ experience arranging rewarding volunteer placements for foreigners in Chile.

SamConnects offers individual volunteer placements with flexible start dates, in a wide variety of areas. Some placements are for as little as one month, others run for at least three months. We can also set you up in Spanish language classes that can serve as a springboard for a volunteer position once you feel comfortable communicating.

All our placements offer you a practical context in which to put your Spanish to use. On-the-job practice is by far the most efficient and enjoyable way to gain fluency in a foreign language once you are past the beginner stage.

Cultural immersion
is a key feature of your experience with SamConnects. You will be living and working side-by-side with Chileans, learning from them as you contribute your own knowledge and skills. Chile is a beautiful, diverse country that is safe to visit. It offers all the advantages of a modern infrastructure, with excellent communications, highways and transportation, and the charms and mysteries of a developing country.

The average monthly in-country cost of a 3-month SamConnects placement is just US$530! That includes our 24-hour availability and all the resources that more than a decade of experience can provide.



“My involvement gave me the opportunity to experience Chilean culture and family first-hand, which was positively priceless… My Spanish improved much more than I expected!”
                                                                                  Virginia Cutshall,                 18 years old,
                  volunteer at
      Children’s Home in
    Southern Chile, 2004
Contact SamConnects: info@samconnects.com, phone (56) 64 23 22 30, mobile (56) 99 04 03 564